Dawn Frankfurter

Full of flavor and fun, Dawn Frankfurter bun is soft and savory. It nutritional goodness and deliciousness packs a delight in every bite.




Flour, Sugar, Salt, Yeast, Cooking Oil, Gluten, Bread Improver, Burger Softener (E466), Preservatives (E282).


The product got the exposure of facility where allergen items like sesame seed gluten & soya flour are used.

Fun Recipe

Hey everyone! Preparing a burger with Dawn Frankfurter bun is easy and so much fun. Add 2 tbsp of mayonnaise and tomato sauce along with 1 tbsp of mustard sauce in the bun. Now place the sausage between the buns and garnish it with cheese. Heat the burger in the oven for 30 seconds to melt the cheese.


Nutrition Information